Sunday, 14 October 2012

Double Challenge Weekend - Hula Hooping

Adventures in hula hooping have involved weeks of enthusiastic but in the end futile girating with a small light weight plastic hoop, only for it to clatter to the ground each and every time after little more than a single spin. Good excercise but not the outcome I was hoping for.

Research of the school run mum and facebook friend variety indicated that as far as hooping goes, size really does matter. As a result of this advice, I bought myself a large (102 cm) red weighted (625g) hula hoop with instructional DVD.  True to my northern soul, the choice of a red hoop was dictated by price; it was 4p cheaper than the striped version!

The hoop arrived on Friday and was waiting for me in a gigantic cardboard package when I returned work.  Within moments of trying my new hoop, I was hooping successfully both ways and am addicted!!! Children equally thrilled with the large cardboard package.


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