Sunday, 14 October 2012

Double Challenge Weekend - Road riding

Pete teaches me about cleats
Dressing the part was always going to be important for this challenge, so as soon as I went round to Bev's we "lycrad up" for the road, with me borrowing the proper gear.  Pulling the velcro straps tightly and an extra pair of socks kept the road shoes snugly on my feet, despite them being a couple of sizes too big.

Pete gave me some lessons in how to use cleats, a clip in pedal system that keeps your feet fastened to the pedal for more efficient cycling. Disengaging the cleats was the bit that proved trickiest, which I demonstrated beautifully with a sideways fall onto the road at my very first junction.  I kept my left foot free for the rest of the ride to avoid repeating this stopping technique.

We cycled along the Guided Bus Way to St Ives for a hot chocolate before our return journey, a round trip of about 14 miles.  Really love how much faster you can go on a road bike, although my cycling confidence is not that great so was braking on the fenland down "hill" stretches, much to Bev's amusement.

Took an extra tumble onto the busway track  on our return journey after  being spooked by a roadie shouting "left side" at me as he whizzed up behind me for an undertake.  Those lycras clearly fooled him as to my expertise ;-).

Exhausted at the end of our ride! Thrilled to have the opportunity to try road biking and  loved the experience. Thank you Bev!


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