Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Optimising Training for Heart Transplant Blog: will it work?

Just been on a Social Media Training course today with work and have been taking lots of notes as to how to promote my Blog; not sure that was the intended outcome!

Key words are a big trick apparently and I need to say things like: heart transplant, organ donation, Papworth, Freeman, lovely Cardiologists, lovely donor family and other such things.  Sits back and waits for search engine to find me!     Less keen on other organ transplant key words like immunosuppressants, rejection, cardiac transplant vasculopathy...

Branding myself as a transplant recipient has not come easily as I don't think of myself in such narrow terms. Most of the people in my own community and previous jobs had little idea of my medical history until I decided to do my challenge.

"Keeping mum" has been a blessing - people don't make assumptions about your abilities or ask intrusive personal questions, but also a curse - people don't realise that sometimes you could do with a bit more support.   #lifelessons!


My twenty twenty heart challenge is a mid life crisis, promotion of organ donation and fundraising gig all rolled into one. Please help me raise money for these two fantastic charities:

Papworth Hospital Charity please visit my justgiving page at 

The Freeman Heart and Lung Transplant Association, please visit my justgiving page at

Click here to find out more about organ donation and join the register 
 #2020heart  challenge #lifegiven @angie_ridley

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