Saturday, 10 November 2012

Message from an old school friend

Hi Angie.

You probably don't remember me much but just wanted to say how proud you should be of yourself for achieving all that you have achieved. I remember you from school always being quite small, fragile and fairly blue. I'm now a children's physio working outside Glasgow and thought of you often when I worked with the children on the cardiac ward and in intensive care. I never dreamt that you would have children or be so amazing in what you are trying to do with your challenges.

I wish you all the very best and believe you are a real inspiration for all the young kids out there who are going through similar situations. I hope you don't mind if mind if I tell your story (what little I know of it) to help parents through an often scary and desolate place pre transplant or post diagnosis. Well done and big hugs. I hope that you achieve all your goals and you have made me think I should just try and do the same thing.

Good luck. Celia

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