Saturday, 23 March 2013

Challenge update: 9 down, 11 to go!

It has been a couple of weeks since I updated my blog and I've now finished my climbing course and completed challenge number 9 - ZUMBA!  

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Zumba in the village with my friend Kate. It's a super fast dance / aerobics class with a few Latin and bollywood style moves thrown in.

Aerobics courses don't generally appeal to me but this one was fast and fun.  Well, everyone one else was fast, I went more for Angie's special modified Zumba which is about 6 steps behind everyone else and slightly less intense! ;-)

The plan is to go for a few more weeks, to learn some of the moves.

This morning I finished my climbing course at Swavesey and am now a competent climber, although not brave enough to go up blind folded which some of my amazing course mates did!  Looking forward to going along to the Saturday morning climbing club once in a while, to keep my hand in.  

In these pictures I'm wearing a Donna's Dream t-shirt , to help promote organ donation.  

9 out of 20 challenges complete:

The challenge is to do 20 new things by August 2013; whilst each activity is something I couldn't have done before my transplant, some of them are more of a challenge than others. 1,2, 6 and 8 have been the toughies so far...
  1. Climbed My First Mountain - Cadair Idris
  2. Learned How To Punt
  3. Learned How To Hula Hoop
  4. First Road Bike Ride
  5. Taken Up Tap Dancing
  6. First 5K Trail Run At Wimpole Hall Parkrun
  7. First Archery Session
  8. Learning how to climb on an indoor wall
  9. Zumba

Some ideas for the next 5 months: skipping, belly dancing, flying an aeroplane, walking part of Hadrian's wall, climbing the tower of Durham Cathedral, kayaking, sailing, high wires, climbing Scafel Pike, fencing...


A difficult decision made by one family nearly 20 years ago transformed my life when they gave me the gift of a new heart. This challenge is about acknowledging that gift, celebrating the life I've got and raising a few pounds for two fantastic charities along the way...

Please visit to make a donation to the Papworth Hospital Charity.

Please visit to make a donation to The Freeman Heart and Lung Transplant Association.

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