Saturday, 9 March 2013

Climbing to the top!!

Significantly happier with this weeks climbing lesson as I made it to the top three times and managed to belay single handed without incident! My hands are completely scuff free too, although I distributed a significant amount of chalk over myself.   

Climbing is hard work for me as my heart needs a bit of a warm up before it starts beating fast enough to give my muscles the oxygen they need to do their bit. This can take a few minutes and until it gets going properly I can feel giddy and out of breath after a small amount of exertion, which means that I need to rest part way up.     

My fitness level is pretty good for someone who had a heart transplant nearly 20 years ago but a bit naff compared to everyone else, so this can be enormously frustrating.  It is part of what pushes me to finish, even if I take a bit longer (OK a lot longer) than all the others.

P.S. Realise that I went a bit geeky with last weeks post about my first climbing lesson; did you get the details about carabiners or would you like a re-hash?  Apologies to everyone and well done to all those that read until the end!!    Clearly I need a lesson in editing. 


A difficult decision made by one family nearly 20 years ago transformed my life when they gave me the gift of a new heart. This challenge is about acknowledging that gift, celebrating the life I've got and raising a few pounds for two fantastic charities along the way...

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