Thursday, 9 May 2013

Challenge 12: Jumping for joy!

Challenge 12 complete: I can continuously skip for more than 20 jumps without wrapping the rope around my feet, neck or anything else. My technique needs some work, as I do a funny little hop skip which hurts my right knee after a while, so I'll have to learn to alternate my skipping leg or jump with both legs together instead.

I actually managed 21 skips back at the end of April but have angst about whether to include this as a completed challenge, partly because I'm dissatisfied with my technique but also because of the faces that some people pull when I tell them about it, which say things like "well that doesn't sound very hard" or "my five / six / seven year old son / daughter can do that".  I also started a new job at the end of April so have been a little pre-occupied with that; blogging has slipped down the paired down leisure time list of priorities below washing enough pants for everyone each day!! 

In a way I can understand the unimpressed faces, my seven year old daughter can skip beautifully too but then she has a perfect cardiovascular system. When I was seven there is no way I could have completed this challenge and even now it is hard work for my heart which requires an extended warm up period before it deigns to beat a little faster.

The point of the 2020 Heart Challenge was not that everything should be an endurance test, but that I should try 20 new activities. Having attempted to master skipping on and off over the last 19 years, it wasn't exactly a first for picking up the rope, but it was a first for managing to skip continuously for a set number of turns.  

Having achieved 21 turns, my little girl instantly raised the bar to 30, so I'll have to keep going and definitely need to change my technique to achieve this, or risk hurting my knee! 

12 out of 20 challenges complete: - well pretty much.

The challenge is to try or learn 20 new activities by the end of August 2013; whilst each activity is something I couldn't have done before my transplant, some of them are more of a challenge than others. 1,2, 6, 8 and 11 have been the toughies so far...

  1. Climbed My First Mountain - Cadair Idris
  2. Learned How To Punt
  3. Learned How To Hula Hoop
  4. First Road Bike Ride
  5. Taken Up Tap Dancing
  6. First 5K Trail Run At Wimpole Hall Parkrun
  7. First Archery Session
  8. Learning how to climb on an indoor wall
  9. Zumba
  10. Belly Dancing
  11. High Wire Course
  12. Skipping - I know it sounds easy, but its hard for me!!
Some ideas for the next 5 months: netball taster session, segway rally, sailing, flying an aeroplane, ice or roller skating, walking Hadrian's wall, kayaking, maybe climbing Scafel Pike, fencing, I'm open to ideas...

A difficult decision made by one family nearly 20 years ago transformed my life when they gave me the gift of a new heart. This challenge is about acknowledging that gift, celebrating the life I've got and raising vital funds for two fantastic charities along the way...  

Please help me achieve my goal of raising over £1,000 for each of my two charities; your support means the world to me and makes a big difference to local heart patients.

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  1. Today I decided to take part in the skip2befit challenge and see how many skips I can do in 2 mins.

    Achieved 77 on my first attempt and 93 on my second!

    Definitely jumping for joy!