Tuesday, 11 June 2013

National Transplant Week

It is National Transplant Week between 8th and 14th July! 

The message of National Transplant Week is "Pass it on", a reminder that if you have joined the organ donor register, it is really important to tell your loved ones about your wishes, as they will be the ones making the final decision. This is much easier for them if you've already told them what you would want to happen in the event of your death.

Film Competition
As part of National Transplant Week, NHS Blood and Transplant are running an "organ donation through the lense"  film competition. The short listed videos are here and there are some very funny entries, each with a powerful core message. Many have been made by families directly affected by organ donation.  The winner will be the one with the most youtube views, so click on the link above and vote with your fingertips. 

Joining the register
If you haven't joined the organ donor register - then what are you waiting for?  There is a link at the top of my blog that will take you straight through to a registration form. 

If you have questions about joining the register, maybe concerns to do with your religious beliefs, or questions about other aspects of organ donation, then NHS Blood and Transplant have got lots of useful information on their website to help. 

Pass it on.

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