Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Anniversaries; they come around with reassuring regularity. But this one has felt different, bigger and rounder than any that preceded it, taking up lots of space in my head.

Thoughts of my donor, who died from a cerebral haemorrhage in her early forties; thoughts for her family and friends left with their grief; the unknown family whose kindness changed my life. My donor had a strong heart that is still beating.

On an emotional level I wanted to do something that honoured my donor and her family, recognising how their gift has transformed my life.  I also needed to do something positive that stopped me googling "life expectancy of heart transplant recipients" and other variations!

As I write this, there's just over a week left until my 20th anniversary on 7th August.  On that day I plan to complete challenge number 17, walking the length of Hadrian's Wall, finishing in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.  It will be strange to be back in the city with the memories of twenty years ago, some as clear as yesterday, whilst others have blurred into the past.

Please do support my 2020 Heart Challenge by making a donation to The Papworth Hospital Charity or the Freeman Heart & Lung Transplant Association. These charities make a difference to the lives of other heart patients, particularly whilst they are waiting for their call or in those early and often difficult post-transplant days. To make a donation, please click on the links above. ..

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